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Tailored solutions for every customers' needs.

As a Kubota and Vermeer dealer we have access to a variety of finance programs to meet your financial needs. Through Kubota Canada's wholly owned retail finance division and the Vermeer Canada sponsored DLL program we can provide the flexibility you need.

Upon credit approval, you have access to flexible financing options:  

  • Very competitive financing & lease rates
  • As low as 0% interest rates, term based on model
  • Cash-in-Lieu of low rate financing - get cash back if you choose not to use the low rate retail financing offers
  • Payment waiver periods
  • Skip payments
  • Down payment options as low as 10%, based on model
  • Flexible finance & lease rates regardless of the advertised promotional rate
  • Equity Builder Program (for Kubota construction equipment only) that allows your down payment to be made over time
  • “Free-ride” low rate financing for Land Pride implements when attached to a Kubota power unit

Kubota Canada financing

Low rate financing and lease options available on most Kubota models with terms up to 84 months. Credit approvals are easy and typically take less than 1 business day.

Vermeer Financing (DLL)

Vermeer sponsored financing to offer low rate financing options on most Vermeer forage units. Down payments as low as 10% are most common with semi-annual and annual payments available.

3rd Party Financing

Other financing and lease options are available through ATB, FCC, AFSC, and others to suit your specific needs. We are committed to providing you with the option that is best for you.


Peace-of-mind protection for your Kubota equipment.

Explore the Kubota Insurance Program.

Physical Damage Insurance

Protect your equipment and your business. Did you know when you finance your Kubota through our financing program, you can also protect your investment by choosing a Kubota insurance option that provides you:

Protection On and Off Your Property

Unlike a typical homeowner's policy, which may not meet the financing requirements of Kubota Canada Ltd., this valuable policy offers broader protection for your Kubota equipment. In addition to coverage off property and in-transit, this policy provides protection for larger equipment that is often excluded from your homeowner's policy.

Equipment Replacement 

In the event of a total equipment loss the replacement policy gives you back your initial purchase price and start again with brand new Kubota equipment (excl. taxes, fees or delivery charges). (Not available in Quebec). 

Convenient Payment Options

When you choose to finance your equipment through Kubota Canada Ltd. you may add the cost of the insurance to your loan payment. This means one convenient bill for all your required payments.

Premiums Locked for the Life of the Loan

Unlike typical insurance policies your premiums will not go up when you make a claim. This makes it superior to a farm policy in that regard, as there should be no reluctance to utilize this policy.

Low Deductible 

A low $250 deductible will apply to a loss. This valuable policy is underwritten and issued by Chartis Insurance Company.

Perils Insured

Wind or flood damage, theft, hail, accidental damage, fire, vandalism.

Transport Protection

Damage to equipment while being transport is covered. Typical homeowner's policies do not include this coverage.

Off Property Protection

Damage to equipment when used away from your home property is included.

Easy to Participate

Payment and enrollment included within equipment financing. Simply tell your sales representative to include it in your purchase.

Life and Disability Insurance

Whether your equipment is new or pre-owned, you're planning to use it for a very long time. You've chosen wisely and budgeted carefully, but the one option you shouldn't overlook is loan repayment protection. It's an option that will protect your investment in case of a financial breakdown.

Reduce the Impact On Your Family

If you were to suffer a fatal injury or illness, life coverage will pay off the insured portion of your loan. 

If you are diagnosed with a covered condition, critical illness coverage provides a lump sum payment that will pay off the insured portion of your loan. A 'Living Life' benefit, critical illness insurance is designed to eliminate the financial strain of a loan, giving you the freedom to focus on getting well.

If you become totally disabled through illness or as a result of injury, disability coverage will take care of your loan payments. 


  • Provides affordable peace of mind to you and your family
  • Insurance coverage that makes your liability an asset
  • Premium cost is the same for all ages and occupations
  • Benefits are non-taxable and paid in addition to your other
  • workplace or private plans
  • Payments made on your behalf do not have to be repaid
  • Protects your savings
  • Protects your credit rating