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Protect Your Kubota

Protect Your Kubota

What’s your first reaction when a salesperson mentions the word “insurance?” For me, the typical response was glazed over eyes, head nodding along, just waiting for the moment to say, “no thanks, I’m good.” After seven years at Grande Prairie Kubota though, I can confidently say that Kubota’s Physical Damage Insurance is a product that all buyers should strongly consider because the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

Who Can Purchase Physical Damage Insurance?

The insurance is only available when financing through Kubota Finance and terminates when the equipment is paid in full. If you pay cash or finance through a third-party lender, you cannot add the Kubota Physical Damage Insurance. 

What Is Covered?

Accidental damage, damage while being transported, damage when used away from your property, fire, windstorm, flood, hail, hurricane, theft and vandalism are among the risks covered. We’ve had customers suffer total equipment loss due to fire, theft and flood and, in all cases, received 100% of the original selling price to put towards a new Kubota machine. Aside from total losses, we’ve also had countless accidental damage claims due to incidents such as equipment rollovers on steep banks, slamming doors too hard and breaking glass (yes glass is covered too), hitting rocks and damaging mower components, running into trees and other obstacles, and much more.      

How Much Does it Cost?

Rates are competitive and based on the type and total cost of the equipment being purchased (your sales representative can provide an exact quote when pricing). Premiums are added onto your regular payment when financing through Kubota Finance to keep it simple. Additionally, a low $250 deductible will apply to any insurable claim.

How Does the Process Work?

When you need to make a claim, simply call the number for the insurance company listed on your Kubota contract (give us a call if you can’t find it) to get the process started. The insurance company will forward the claim to an adjuster who will inform our dealership about the pending claim. From there, we will either arrange to have the equipment brought into our shop or travel to location to evaluate the damage, take pictures and, ultimately, submit a repair estimate. Once the estimate is approved, we order the parts, complete the repairs and release the equipment back to you. Simple as that!

Why Should I Buy It?

When you finance your equipment through Kubota Finance, you’ll need to provide evidence of insurance one way or another; either through Kubota Physical Damage Insurance or your own policy. At the end of the day, you’ll have to make up your own mind but I would strongly encourage you to compare both options in depth. Even if you already have a policy covering most of your assets, the Kubota Physical Damage Insurance may be a better option as the deductible is only $250, your policy will not increase due to claims being made, retail cash selling price protection is provided, a wide range of risks are covered and claims are quick and convenient!

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