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As you can probably imagine, we tend to get asked similar questions on a regular basis around here. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of what we felt were our most frequently asked questions.

If you’re still looking for more information on another topic, feel free to call us at 780-568-3416 or contact us here.

Do you deliver equipment?

Yes! With one 7,000 lb utility trailer and one 30,000 lb gooseneck trailer, we are capable of transporting most of the equipment we sell to areas within our trade area.

What if the equipment I want to purchase is not in stock?

While we strive to maintain a large inventory of equipment, there are times when we do not have a specific power unit or attachment in stock. During such times, there are multiple tools at our disposal including transferring equipment from another dealer or arranging to have existing orders shipped immediately from the warehouse. In any case, we will always make every effort to meet your time frame.

Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes! We will consider trades on like equipment (ie. Tractor on tractor or skid steer on skid steer) and promise to do our best to balance your need for extracting as much value from your trade as possible with what we can reasonably expect to sell the trade-in for on the open market.

Do you rent equipment?

At this point in time, we do not have a dedicated rental fleet as we are primarily a retailer for new equipment. That being said, we will consider rent-to-own scenarios and long-term rentals (ie. Longer than 30 days) of power-units in certain situations. For more details, give us a call!

Will there be a block heater installed on my Kubota machine?

With the exception of mowers, block heaters are installed as part of the initial setup and pre-delivery inspection on all diesel-powered Kubota power units in our inventory. Your quote may not explicitly list the block heater, but rest assured that it will be installed prior to taking delivery of your new Kubota!

What is the resale value on my Kubota machine after a few years?

While it’s not possible to give an exact resale value at time of purchase, you can be assured that used Kubota machines are highly sought after for two simple reasons: 1) Kubota equipment is engineered and built to high quality standards and 2) A strong dealer network exists in Canada to support used Kubota equipment with parts and service.

Do you offer credit insurance?

Yes! Through Kubota’s partnership with Industrial Alliance, we are able to offer 3 different credit insurance products on Kubota finance contracts: life protection, sickness and injury, and critical illness. You may opt in to one of these products, a combination or all three for full credit protection.

Can I use my physical damage insurance more than once, without premiums going up?

Yes! When you purchase Kubota’s Physical Damage Insurance, your rate is locked in for the duration of your loan. That means that your rate and deductible will not change, no matter how many claims are made.

Can Kubota contracts be paid off early?

Yes! Contracts through Kubota Finance can be paid off in full prior to full term expiry. Standard payout fees are $50 for balances over $5,000 and $25 for balances under $5,000. To initiate an early payment, simply give us a call!

Can I access the details of my contract with Kubota Finance online?

No, unfortunately Kubota Finance does not offer online access to customers at this time. However, if you give us a call, we can quickly provide details including upcoming payments, current net present value and expiration dates.

Do you provide mobile service?

Yes! In addition to a team of Kubota and Vermeer-trained service technicians, we operate two fully-equipped service trucks that allow us to keep your equipment up and running in the field. For more extensive jobs that need to come into our shop, we have the capability of hauling most pieces of equipment.

Do you provide service on the weekends and after-hours?

During haying season, we keep at least one service technician on-call during the weekend to ensure that our haying customers can stay up and running outside of our normal business hours. Outside of haying season, we do not have service technicians on-call but we’ve made our cell numbers available on this website and on the voicemail of the main shop line so that you are still able to get a hold of us. In the event of an emergency, our staff will make every effort to help solve your issue.

If my Kubota equipment goes down, will you provide a loaner unit?

Our company is committed to our customers and the equipment we represent. If your equipment does not perform as it should, we will take all reasonable steps to correct the issue. If, however, we are unable to do so in a reasonable amount of time, we will consider providing a loaner unit on the conditions that: a) The equipment is still under Basic Warranty, b) The equipment is unable to perform the job that it was intended, and c) Our service technicians are unable to complete repairs within two business days.

Can I do my own servicing without compromising the warranty on my Kubota equipment?

Yes! You are capable of servicing your own Kubota machine without voiding the warranty provided proper records are kept. To maintain warranty as per Kubota’s warranty commitment, you must:

  • Operate the equipment as described in the operator’s manual delivered with the machine.
  • Maintain the equipment using Kubota genuine parts (filters, blades, etc.) as described in the operator’s manual delivered with the machine.
  • Use Kubota approved transmission and hydraulic oil as specified in the operator’s manual.
  • Use Kubota approved excavator hydraulic oil for the hydraulic system of the excavators.
  • Use Kubota approved premium engine oil.

What is a "gray market" Kubota tractor?

“Gray market” units were designed and manufactured for markets outside of Canada, but subsequently imported into Canada by individuals or entities independent of Kubota and without Kubota’s authorization. These “gray market” units are different in several important respects from the tractors that Kubota makes for North America. We are unable to provide parts, service or any warranty support for Kubota “gray market” units in Canada. This includes units purchased originally from the United States.

What lubricants should I use in my Kubota machine?

Kubota specifies the recommended oils within the Operator’s Manual included with your machine. For a replacement manual, we can provide an electronic copy by email free of charge or a hard copy for a small fee.

How long does it take to get parts in?

We stock most common and fast-moving parts in our dealership for your convenience. However, in the event that we need to order a part, we will typically receive it in 2 business days from Kubota and Vermeer warehouses.

Are you able to ship parts to me?

Yes! We will arrange shipment for you via mail, courier and LTL services. For small items, we regularly ship via Canada Post and Purolator. Purolator ships to business locations as well as authorized shipping agents in many small towns where items can be held for pick-up. Find your nearest Purolator location here.