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COVID-19 Response

Dear Customers,


The COVID-19 Coronavirus is having a profound impact on our community. Like many businesses, we are taking measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 while still maintaining our ability to meet your ongoing needs.

At this time, we plan to continue operations as long as the health & safety of our employees is not compromised and we are not mandated to shut down by federal or provincial laws. Many of your operations, such as raising livestock, cannot be easily shutdown and therefore we will do everything we can to continue supporting you.

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, Grande Prairie Kubota will be taking the following immediate actions:


  • Encourage staff to maintain good hygiene practices, including regular hand washing.
  • Allow more work to be completed from home.
  • Advise any employees feeling sick to stay home and only return when it is safe to do so.
  • Clean our facility on a regular basis and wipe down high frequency areas more often.
  • Suspend all non-essential travel for business purposes.
  • Limit the shop to employees only (customers will still be able to come into the front of the building).
  • Our hours of operation are back to normal. Please click here for updated hours.


In addition to the actions mentioned above, Grande Prairie Kubota will promote social distancing across all departments. For department-specific actions, please see below:



  • Our Parts Technicians are more than happy to work with you by phone, email or text to get the parts you need. With modern technology, we can normally source out the parts you need without ever meeting face-to-face.
  • Many parts diagrams can be found online. Click Here to find links to parts sites for many of our manufacturers.
  • All parts may be picked up from the drop-box located at the entryway to our yard. Please call ahead to place your order and pre-pay prior to picking up.
  • Parts may be shipped via a number of convenient methods including Purolator (most communities have a hold-for-pickup location) and Canada Post, among others.
  • Payments may be made by credit card over the phone or by email money transfer to ar@grandeprairiekubota.com.
  • Request Parts Online.
  • Shop Kubota parts from our online store; www.shopgpkubota.ca



  • Our technicians can easily come to you for repairs and maintenance in the field. For all field work, we kindly ask you to maintain at least 2 metres of distance from our technicians.
  • Take advantage of our delivery truck! We have the ability to pick-up your equipment to complete repairs in our shop and then deliver it back when ready.
  • Equipment can be dropped off in our yard for service. Please call ahead to book an appointment and provide all relevant details.
  • Payments may be made by credit card over the phone or by email money transfer to ar@grandeprairiekubota.com.
  • Book a Service Appointment Online.



  • Communicate with our sales reps by telephone or email. Additionally, our website utilizes chat and text features to conveniently connect directly to one of our sales reps.
  • Our website contains great information on our products along with links to brochures and operator manuals.
  • Schedule test drives during quiet times or after-hours.
  • Arrange all finance contracts and bills of sale to be delivered directly to you.
  • Contact Sales Online.


We believe we have the tools to maintain a high level of customer service during these extraordinary times. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


-Grande Prairie Kubota

For more information on COVID-19 and what you can do to help prevent the virus from spreading, please visit: